Marquee Viewing Weekend 2017

Marquee Viewing Weekend 2017

This Summer, we will once again be at Dartmoor Zoo’s Wedding Fair with our Matrix Marquees, along with a host of other wedding suppliers from in and around Plymouth and Devon.

With live music, dresses, sweet treats, cars, photographers and florists all among the exhibitors, it’s well worth coming along for a look.

This year’s event is on Sunday June 11th at 4pm, and will once again be held in our marquees on the lawn area in the middle of the zoo. Set up this year will be two 20/40ft Matrix Marquees, with a 20/20ft marquee off to one side. This is a common set up for marquee weddings with around 100 guests, and has enough space for a dance floor and catering area.

Entry to the Wedding Fair at the Zoo is free from 4pm. You will not be allowed in any earlier unless you pay. We also suggest that you arrive perhaps a bit later (5.30-6.00pm) to avoid the queues.

If you can’t make it on the Sunday, but really want to see our marquees up, then please call or email us and we will see what we can do for you on the days we’re putting them up or taking them down at the Zoo. Failing that, we have many other dates and venues throughout 2017, so you should be able to make a viewing at some point, somewhere near you.

We look forward to seeing you at the Zoo!

Capri Marquee Hire in Devon & Cornwall

Marquee Hire – Top 10 Tips

What should you consider when thinking about a marquee for your event? Here are a few basic points to think about as you make your enquiry.

Type of Surface

Grass or hard standing? It’s a lot easier, and usually more cost effective, to put a marquee up on a grass surface. Why? Well think about putting your tent up on a hard surface… where do the stakes go? For hard standing events, you will likely need water weights or concrete blocks, unless you can drill the surface.

Size of Surface

Do you have enough space at your venue for the size of marquee you are going to need? To help the marquee hire company, dimensions are a real bonus. The more accurate the better!

Numbers of Guests

A good idea of the total number of guests in attendance at the event will help your marquee hire company recommend the right size marquee for your needs. We can be flexible to a point, but a good idea of total number of seated guests, as well as standing guests, is a useful starting point to help establish the correct size of marquee needed.


Does the site have easy access for large or towing vehicles? How far from where the marquee is to be erected can the vehicles park? These factors will affect the time it takes to get to the venue, as well as the time required to set the marquee up.

The Lay of the Land

Is your surface uneven, undulating or on a slope? The lay of the land will affect the stability of things like tables and chairs, and of course, your dance floor. The more even and flat the surface, the better. However, we have all worked with various types of slopes and uneven surfaces in the past, so don’t discount the area without asking first.


Think about drainage, electricity, water pipes and telephone lines. These obstacles need to be considered, both above ground, and under. Any information which you can provide about these items is useful.


Are you thinking of having a bar, band, DJ, catering tent or chill out area? All these will need to be factored into your suggested layout and subsequent quote.


How much power do you need? Factor in lighting, catering, band/DJ, PA system and any other items that may draw power during the event. Do you have mains power available? Will it be enough? Do you need a generator for the event?

Site Access

When can the hire company gain access to the site? Is your site restricted by opening times? Are you charged per day? Do you own the site and are you flexible with erection and dismantling times?

Type of Event

Is the marquee for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or festival etc. This will help the company to understand the items you are likely to need for the event, and then tailor your quote accordingly.

These points should help you to cover the basic items you need to think about before or when you contact your chosen marquee company. Most will help you through this process and ask a few specific questions to help get the information they need. Some will even offer site visits – this is something we are happy to do.

To get the ball rolling with Really Good Marquees at your venue in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or Dorset, just contact us.